Welcome to Growing!

Growing Operations Advisors is a small innovative consulting house, specialized in sustainable and substantial performance improvement for small and medium enterprises in the industry and service business.

Our mission is to generate EBIT increase for our clients with lean leadership competence and optimal Capex management.

We are different than other consultants: 20+ years of experience in business management and top-tier operations consulting, strong use of innovative digital assessment tools, a working style that suites top management down to the shop-floor.

Our base is Hamburg but we can be everywhere, you can talk to us in German, English and Italian.

Recent client stories

Capex reduction is a very critical issue in all industries we see. After years of high attention to running costs (Opex) reduction, manufacturing companies now see Capex as the next frontier to improve profit by improving internal efficiency. Especially the CFO (aka Head of Finance) is worried because every business unit, factory or department is asking for big money to invest in something that often is understood only by the specialists or doesn’t have a solid business case. (June 19)

Impressions from clients

We recently helped a medium-sized company operating in the food industry to evaluate opportunities to automate the packaging and warehousing area of their biggest facility. Due to the simplicity of the tasks currently done manually, it has been easy to demonstrate a very quick payback! Besides this, many of the tasks today require bending and lifting weights, therefore can be a thread for the health of the workers. It was a clear case for automation!

Nevertheless, besides all the excitement, one minute after the decision it was clear what are the implications of all this: work procedures must be standardized, technical and maintenance competence must increase, redundancies must be offered a fair treatment.

This could be your situation as well, don’t get excited too quick! (Sept. 1)


  • On September 27-28, for the fourth consecutive year an important conference on factory planning was held in Aachen (Germany), hosted by RWTH. We have been among the founders of this initiative as members of the industrial advisory board. More than 150 participants from big, medium and small enterprises have been exchanging best practices and future trends on digital manufacturing, greenfield planning and innovative building concepts. (Sept. 29)
  • Growing wants to be at the forefront of digital manufacturing and digital consultancy and therefore we are starting joint projects with leading universities and research institutions e.g., RWTH (Germany) and Politecnico di Milano (Italy). The double-aim is: to support small/medium-sized enterprises starting the journey into digital manufacturing with simple and tailored solutions, and to create innovative tools to support process optimization e.g., VA/NVA and VSM analysis. (Sept. 1)