Business development and growth

Strategy definition

  • Markets are rapidly changing, and this not only since today. Change is a constant even though our perception is, that the speed of change is increasing day by day. This puts companies at risk. They need to move out of their comfort zones and identify new areas of business or even further, new business models.
  • This is often very difficult for the existing business team to do. They are focused on their day to day activities and are locked up in the woods. Lifting your head up and looking at the forest is not easy and needs guidance and support. The answers are manifold, form internationalization, to investment in new equipment to closing or selling business that are not strategic any more.
  • Our years of experience, identifying what works in which circumstances, is the perfect match not only to get an implementable strategy but to ensure as well, that you get an objective and founded opinion, based on experience and not a theoretic approach. With Growing you will have a partner that provides you unintentional and validated facts, with whom you can reflect and sparring out a valid pass forward.


  • The implementation of the strategy can have many components from organic growth, to a profound M&A effort, to a restructuring project. People, markets, change, customers, suppliers, competitors, … any many more components are part of this implementation process.
  • Understanding how to realize the different efforts and managing the implementation in a continuous and efficient manner, this is what we define as excellence on the way. Experience and broad industry contacts are helping here, as much as in many other situations to move fast and efficient. This is what Growing can deliver to you.
  • We have seen many excellent designed strategies which failed in the implementation. This is the art of making things work, the way you want them to work. At Growing we know how to work with you to make your company successful in a new business. This is what makes us unique, we are not about the strategy or the implementation, we are about both, defining the strategy and then guiding you to implement it.