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Digital operations

  • Back in 2013 everybody was talking about digital operations but nobody was really able to articulate how this would have changed companies. Today you can assist to the rush to digitization, many know that not transforming into digital will give competitors the way to arrive first and supposedly to gain market shares. But is this a strong enough rationale to push entire organizations into panic?
  • The readiness level to digital operations is very different by size, sector and geography. Chinese companies, among the most enthusiastic in adopting Industry 4.0, are at the same time still very unprepared. The risk of high instability in operations and confusion within the stakeholders is extremely tangible.
  • At Growing we are observing this “revolution” (yes, we believe it is too fast to be just an “evolution”!) with the “lean lenses” and currently we read: many are developing a new product but don’t yet have defined its specification! We should first think to the end customer and ask ourselves: what is the need?
  • Growing can help to define the long term digital strategy, unlocking all opportunities of a digital-enabled product and production platform. Our strong belief to minimize your risks is to start small: we can help you to implement most appropriate digital and I4.0 pilots, screen vendors, develop pilots in your house or guide you to select the best test beds available in your geographical area.
  • We believe to be the right partner with technical, organizational and human competence to support your journey into the digital era.