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Operational excellence

  • After the end of second world war, Toyota developed a simple way to produce cars that just delivers what the final customer pays for and eliminates what doesn’t add value. This is the Toyota Production System. TPS has developed as “Lean thinking” in 70 years in all countries and all businesses and was recently also the initial spark for agile software development.
  • Lean thinking is the core of operational excellence which in an essence means: make the best out of our resources to make our customers happy. In real life, this translates into: maximize the sales of your products while minimizing your costs and keeping your organization healthy.
  • Many organizations today claim to be lean, but they often don’t achieve substantial and sustainable improvements. Why? If you believe your company is lean, please ask yourself this: What happens if you stop today auditing lean results? How many concrete savings have your teams reflected into their budgets for next quarter? Would your fellow workers say that with the lean program the working conditions are now much better than before?
  • If you are not satisfied with your answers is because your company hasn’t yet started the holistic transformation of the way employees, physical assets and products coexist to generate value.
  • At Growing we have the experience of 50+ Operational Excellence implementations, we know what can go wrong before we even start. Therefore, we suggest to start small and slow and pick up on speed and scope only when you feel comfortable that the change sticks. We offer short interventions (e.g. the Kaizen week), pilot projects in selected areas (1-3 months), complete programs to transform one site or the whole company (yes, we have done it many times!).
  • Whatever is the right starting position for you, we can help you creating a strong alignment with all stakeholders to generate together your new Excellent Operating System.