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Our Business partners

In this section we give a short introduction to our business partners. These are professionals or firms that we know well and are partners we trust.

LEF is the largest and most integrated digital model company in the world, providing training, consulting and test bed for startups and digital solutions.

The model company is an accelerator of lean and digital transformations, a hub of relationships with the best providers of technological and organizational solutions and a major player of Industry 4.0.

LEF is a joint venture between Confindustria, the Italian Industrial Association and McKinsey & Company. It is part of an international network of research, consulting and training centres, among which it is the lighthouse of the McKinsey Digital Capability Centers, part of the European Digital Innovation Hubs and the Italian Competence Centers, with active collaborations with leading technological partners and universities.

To support organizational and digital transformations, LEF experts leverage digital technologies, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and Big Data to support fact-based decision-making and the optimization of complex systems.

LEF offers training and on advanced manufacturing solutions, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, IoT and big data to reach a new paradigm of the Industry 4.0 framework, with several key enabling technologies that spread along the value chain of a typical manufacturing company with almost 200 use cases.

OTC is a South African based multidisciplinary group of experienced consultants who specialise in the development and operation of industrial scale mega projects throughout the project life-cycle in order to realise the intended business benefits.  OTC’s customers are typically owners and operators of industrial facilities involved in the beneficiation of coal, gas and biomass resources throughout Africa, with an emphasis on new sources of clean energy and synthetic fuels.