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Our reference projects in

business strategy

Supervise the post-merger integration

  • Our client has just acquired a competitor company in the area of railway infrastructures and need now to manage the post-merger phase
  • We help the top management and its first level with the supervision of all single integration initiatives. We have introduced
    • Standard initiative sheets with key milestones definition based on maturity levels
    • Regular meeting to review progress and take decisions
    • Set of progress indicators for each initiative to monitor achievement of results
  • A post-merger integration is a complex process that aims to melt two organizations into one: create synergies while respecting peculiarities
  • Communication and respect of each employee’s contribution are key. Making sure that two teams share the new vision and cooperate is the key success factor.

Organization redesign in family-owned construction business

  • A review of the business strategy and delivery principles forces this mid-sized company to redesign central and divisional core functions
  • We have been supporting our client to re-organize the Operations function and a specific fast-growing division. Some of the achievements are
    • Design and implementation of top-level KPI dashboards and regular performance reviews
    • Redesign of the organizational charts included R&Rs
    • Assessment and improvement of the core order-to-delivery procedures

Operations Due Diligence in industrial equipment sector

  • Our client is an Israeli digital equipment manufacturer with rapid double-digit growth
  • To complete their manufacturing capabilities, have identified a possible acquisition target in Germany and need a professional partner to conduct the Operations DD
  • We support them in the last decisive step by assessing the “order-to-delivery” process with focus on product engineering and manufacturing: we look at product development process, equipment and skills, leadership attitude, opportunities to increase capacity.
  • We deliver a robust post-merger integration plan to execute integration and capture opportunities

Design of the Supply Chain function in European division of multinational company

  • While rolling-out the new version of the ERP system in all European subsidiaries, our client faces strong difficulties due to heterogeneous systems and organizations, especially in the SC function
  • Our team is asked to design the European SC-House, develop the core processes of Supply Chain, define central vs. local focus and write R&Rs for the key roles
  • Special attention due to type of business is given to demand forecasting and supply network design

Manufacturing footprint redesign in concrete prefab manufacturing

  • In this geographical area, our client owns and operate 6 production sites with an average utilization by 60%. The intention is to increase utilization by reducing the overall capacity, this will help reducing total fixed costs.
  • Furthermore, the product portfolio of the client shows products with very different marginality. This is also the opportunity to review and purge the portfolio.
  • Our first activity is the analysis of the margins by product, area and customer and by looking the specific revenue generated we propose to purge 20% of the items
  • The other activity is to define scenarios of production network where the remaining products are concentrated on the most efficient factories and close to final customers
  • We generate 18 scenarios and simulate the effect on company’s EBITDA to facilitate the decision. Our total-landed-costs simulator allows in few minutes to create a scenario, calculate the EBITDA and compare to other scenarios

Organization redesign for multisite production campus in pharma

  • This 3.500 employees campus of a multinational pharma company is grown in several years as a patchwork, each production site has developed almost standalone
  • In an effort to rationalize the campus indirect personnel and streamline support processes, this client requested our help to structure the redesign
  • We have helped with core competences analysis to outsource non-core activities, centralization of the common services, defining the new FTE targets and proper span of control, defining change management strategy