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Welcome at Growing!

We are a small innovative advisory, we deliver sustainable and substantial performance improvements to large and medium enterprises in the industry and service business

Lean is our inspiring philosophy: to strengthen people’s leadership, improve processes, or to increase profitability in Capex projects

We are not “just” consultants: 25+ years of experience in management positions and top-tier strategy consulting, strong use of innovative digital assessment tools, a working style that suites top managers as well as front line teams


Capex Excellence program in basic chemicals sector

Our client is Nobian; formerly part of Akzo-Nobel, based in the Netherlands has developed in recent years as industry leader in salt, essential chemicals and energy solutions Running energy-intensive processes, its current strategic objective is to transform production reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing share in renewable energy and become more energy efficient. This requires massive investments! Growing has been asked to introduce new Capex processes within the whole company, the goal is to instill a mindset of “value maximization” in… Read more “Capex Excellence program in basic chemicals sector”

Implementation of cash saving measures for drastic turn-around

Tier-1 automotive suppliers operating worldwide for all leading car manufacturers delivering components required in internal combustion engine cars We support the German sites to implement cash saving measures, a multi-years program that should help the company keep current margins in an extremely competitive market Measures range from material costs reduction, to OEE and labor productivity improvements. It is important to prioritize and implement quick-wins first and empower the line management to lead initiatives in their area of expertise In parallel,… Read more “Implementation of cash saving measures for drastic turn-around”



Reducing delivery times of industrial ovens

Mr. Gronchi with his strong experience and pragmatic approach has contributed to a very successful year for our industrial ovens business by helping one of our companies to improve the “order-to-delivery” process and therefore reducing the overall delivery lead time


Andrea Lovato
CEO - Tenova SpA