Welcome to Growing!

Growing Operations Advisors is a small innovative consulting house, specialized in sustainable and substantial performance improvement for small and medium enterprises in the industry and service business.

Our mission is to generate EBIT increase for our clients with lean leadership competence and optimal Capex management.

We are different than other consultants: 20+ years of experience in business management and top-tier operations consulting, strong use of innovative digital assessment tools, a working style that suites top management down to the shop-floor.

Our base is Hamburg but we can be everywhere, you can talk to us in German, English and Italian.

Hot topics

We believe that there is an immense need for clarification of priorities and concrete moves in digital manufacturing. Everybody talks about it but few have set direction and speed. Technology suppliers see digital as a gold mine, while end-users are reluctant to follow: missing roadmap, unclear ROI, missing competences are just few of the barriers.

To support our clients, at Growing we are now partnering with experts in advanced robotics and field data acquisition. We offer a quick factory automation walk-through that leads in few weeks to a validated pay-back model and book of requirements for the prioritized applications.


Impressions from clients

We recently helped a medium-sized company operating in the food industry to evaluate opportunities to automate the packaging and warehousing area of their biggest facility. Due to the simplicity of the tasks currently done manually, it has been easy to demonstrate a very quick payback! Besides this, many of the tasks today require bending and lifting weights, therefore can be a thread for the health of the workers. It was a clear case for automation!

Nevertheless, besides all the excitement, one minute after the decision it was clear what are the implications of all this: work procedures must be standardized, technical and maintenance competence must increase, redundancies must be offered a fair treatment.

This could be your situation as well, don’t get excited too quick!


  • We are preparing few exciting initiatives for our clients: webinar sessions on Capex and guided tours to best-practice digital manufacturing facilities in Europe. Stay tuned!
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  • Our field data collection and OEE tracking solution is ready to be plugged-on your equipment to analyse how far is it to optimal working conditions. We don’t need to access the PLC, nor even open the electrical cabinet or lay cables, it is a simple retrofit working on virtually every machine. Contact us!