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We are a small innovative consulting house, we deliver sustainable and substantial performance improvements to large and medium enterprises in the industry and service business

We create lean leadership competence and optimal Capex management

We are different than other consultants: 25+ years of experience in operations management and top-tier strategy consulting, strong use of innovative digital assessment tools, a working style that suites top management down to the shop-floor


Optimize profitability of public illumination projects

Making better use of energy is an important mission for a sustainable life on our planet Our client is a project developer to supply public illumination to municipalities in Italy Growing has been asked to redesign the project development process in order to improve the profitability for such projects We analyze large size of unstructured data from past projects in order to find correlations between all design input parameters, performance and financial outcome. Moreover, we study the current process and… Read more “Optimize profitability of public illumination projects”

Supervise the post-merger integration

Our client has just acquired a competitor company in the area of railway infrastructures and need now to manage the post-merger phase We help the top management and its first level with the supervision of all single integration initiatives. We have introduced Standard initiative sheets with key milestones definition based on maturity levels Regular meeting to review progress and take decisions Set of progress indicators for each initiative to monitor achievement of results A post-merger integration is a complex process… Read more “Supervise the post-merger integration”



Reducing delivery times of industrial ovens

Mr. Gronchi with his strong experience and pragmatic approach has contributed to a very successful year for our industrial ovens business by helping one of our companies to improve the “order-to-delivery” process and therefore reducing the overall delivery lead time


Andrea Lovato
CEO - Tenova SpA