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Our reference projects in

Execution Excellence

Implementation of cash saving measures for drastic turn-around

  • Tier-1 automotive suppliers operating worldwide for all leading car manufacturers delivering components required in internal combustion engine cars
  • We support the German sites to implement cash saving measures, a multi-years program that should help the company keep current margins in an extremely competitive market
  • Measures range from material costs reduction, to OEE and labor productivity improvements. It is important to prioritize and implement quick-wins first and empower the line management to lead initiatives in their area of expertise
  • In parallel, we must coach middle and front line management in all other areas that are not in their cords: standard work, performance management, people development and absenteeism management, a real issue in the plants

Supervision and process improvement in the Supply Chain function

  • An Italian FMCG mid-sized company has acquired a well established German player in cosmetics and personal care products, its main customers are large retailers in the DACH region.
  • After 1 year post acquisition, the first evidence on revenues/EBITA reduction confirm the hypothesis, that the Supply Chain organization needs a different management style.
  • We are asked to support and take over ad-interim the SC-VP role. First issues to solve are related to working style, too much centralized into few management positions with lots of micro-management. Our first move is to empower the front line teams and promote few promising employees.
  • The 5 months engagement could not be completed successfully without a deep redesign of the core processes, like new product introduction or S&OP

Quick assessment of assembly productivity

  • As a newly-created division of a larger multinational, manufacturing processes have been focusing in delivering custom-designed products with the shortest delivery time
  • Now is time to take the full picture of the performances, namely quality and costs. We are helping our client to identifying pragmatic ways to transform their assembly area
  • Most promising levers are workload leveling (with Heijunka boards), performance management system, assembly line layout and redesign of supporting roles in production

SixSigma improvement in rubber compound production

  • Too many changes to a well established process in the rubber compounding production have created an unstable system with 30% of product scrap, a profit loss of 0,5 mEUR per month
  • This company is in danger and asks to Growing to study the reasons of this instability and solutions to return to normal scrap rates. We launch a SixSigma project with design of experiments (DoE) and test production every day.
  • We identify the root causes and simulate the system in its original condition until we find the most sensitive process parameters and fine-tune those until an acceptable scrap rate. Additional weaknesses were: missing SOPs, shopfloor discipline and poor management

Multisite lean transformation in Eastern Europe

  • The Czech subsidiary of our client has operated for many years in a kind of monopoly market, therefore not much pressure on EBIT was necessary. Things now have changed.
  • In 2 of the largest production sites we have performed a lean transformation of all direct and indirect departments, involving around 30 employees in Kaizen activities
  • Our work focused on productivity improvement of the main production areas, capacity analysis and improvements in the Logistics and Maintenance departments, material costs reduction via optimization of bill of materials and overconsumption
  • A new team for continuous improvement has taken over to follow-up and discover new opportunities
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