Our reference projects in

Capex Excellence

Development of team and competence in Capex Excellence

  • Our client is a multinational specialty chemicals company with 10 bEUR revenues and recently introduced a central team for large Capex projects
  • There is the need to develop now a playbook for the improvement of all Capex projects worldwide following a standard approach, the client decides for our proprietary approach “MINIMAX”
  • We write a playbook and test it with 4 Capex projects all around Europe
  • In parallel, we train the new “Capex Excellence Leaders” to become the experts to support all project leaders

Projects portfolio review in automotive

  • Our client is a large multinational car manufacturer. For its Product Development department, we are asked to support the budgeting process for new Capex requests
  • The starting condition is a unstructured and non standard process where all business areas submit a Capex request without a full rationale and information set to take decisions
  • We develop a new standard process with request modules, roles definition and criteria for prioritization of requests
  • The effects of the portfolio can be simulated with our proprietary tool and therefore the tradeoffs capex/risks are made objective to the decision maker

Review of investment design for new vehicles factory in Germany

  • Commercial vehicles business of European car maker needs the investment review of a 450 mEUR new factory project
  • We achieve 70m EUR Capex reduction in 2 months design review applying following levers
    • Line balancing of main welding line in body shop to reduce waiting time and robot capacity
    • Line balancing of assembly lines
    • Elimination of automation in case of too long payback
    • Optimal sizing of indirect functions to reduce opex and size of office building

Investment process optimization in glass packaging industry

  • Global glass packaging company with 4+m EUR revenues and continuous furnace refurbishing project pipeline @ 30m EUR each
  • In 4 months our design reviews achieved 30% Capex reduction on 4 refurbishing projects and created the first company experts team in capex optimization
  • Main levers are: standardization of furnace design, low cost country sourcing of refractories, simplification of bottle-shaping machines requirements based on expected production mix and optimal mix distribution among factories
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