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Capex Excellence program in basic chemicals sector

  • Our client is Nobian; formerly part of Akzo-Nobel, based in the Netherlands has developed in recent years as industry leader in salt, essential chemicals and energy solutions
  • Running energy-intensive processes, its current strategic objective is to transform production reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing share in renewable energy and become more energy efficient. This requires massive investments!
  • Growing has been asked to introduce new Capex processes within the whole company, the goal is to instill a mindset of “value maximization” in all medium/large-sized Capex projects and therefore improve ROI
  • The program is twofold: creating competence and mindset change in the organization while demonstrating the benefit of the new approach through its application to 3 major investment project. During 2 phases of work, we work with around 60 project managers, asset managers, engineers, buyers and controllers.
  • With our experience on Capex projects, we use our minimax approach to find the best compromise between Capex and NPV
  • The outcome of this engagement is a “playbook” describing the new way of working and the update of the current project’s management process to embed the new methodology