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Increase team work and business competence in highly heterogeneous team

  • Our client is a project developer to supply public illumination to municipalities in Italy.
  • While our team is testing the newly designed development process, we spend a lot of time with the engineers and business developers of the client. Is a young and recently formed team that still needs to better synergize.
  • We are asked therefore to apply our “Growing Leadership Gym” approach to this highly heterogeneous team of 16 people, ranging from the MD down 4 orga-levels.
  • Topics range from communication to problem solving, from managing conflicts to efficient meetings. We apply the MBTI to characterize the people and have them learn how to better interact with different temperaments.
  • A mix of theory, exercises, role plays and 1:1 coaching sessions. Our effort is well received: the feedback from the participants is 3,8 in a range 0-4.