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Optimize profitability of public illumination projects

  • Making better use of energy is an important mission for a sustainable life on our planet.
  • Our client is a project developer to supply public illumination to municipalities in Italy.
  • Growing has been asked to redesign the project development process in order to improve the profitability for such projects.
  • We analyze large size of unstructured data from past projects in order to find correlations between all design input parameters, performance and financial outcome. Moreover, we study the current process and propose new ways to improve quality, eliminate waste and increase reliability in the outcome.
  • With our experience on Capex projects, we use our “minimax” approach to find the best compromise between Capex and NPV. With our capabilities in data analytics we can quickly develop predictive models to help design decisions.
  • The outcome of this engagement is a “playbook” describing the new way of working, to be tested on few pilot projects afterwards.